Psychotherapy for Young Professionals and Teens


Feeling overwhelmed with work or school? Insecure in your relationships? Struggling with eating issues?

You're a twenty or thirty-something trying to find your way, better understand your emotional experience, and make positive choices in your personal and professional life. Or you’re a parent of a teen with depression, anxiety, eating or body image issues. Let's talk. 


Eating Disorders

Food is often your worst enemy. It's also your savior when everything feels like it's too much to handle. You've come to rely on food, whether you're eating too much or too little. But you're exhausted by your thoughts and seemingly out-of-control behaviors, and want to heal your relationship with food, eat like a "normal person," and feel at ease in your body.   

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You're feeling out of sorts lately. Or you've always felt this way. You turn down social plans left and right. You have to push yourself to spend time with your friends and family.  You assume the worst in most people and things, and everything looks a little bleak in life, even if on the surface everything seems great.

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Being nervous and worried all the time has become the norm for you, but you don't know why you're so on edge. You find yourself getting overwhelmed about everything. When faced with a decision, you think through every possible scenario to the point of delirium. You're exhausted and want relief from your overly anxious mind.

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