Therapy for Eating Disorders


Your struggle with food is real. Whether you restrict or control what you eat, binge eat, “make up” for eating by purging or over-exercising, it can feel like your whole life is about what you do and don’t eat. Your thoughts about your body might also dictate your choices throughout the day, and the idea that you don’t look a certain way makes you feel miserable.

+ Food

You think constantly about food. You both love and hate eating, depending upon the day. Your thoughts about what you’re eating distract you from your daily life and dictate your choices, but regardless of what you eat, you overthink it and feel like you made the “wrong” choice.

= Complicated

Eating disorders are varied and complex in nature, and impact people of backgrounds, genders and sizes. Though it might feel impossible, you can change your relationship with food, your body and yourself. We’ll work together to better understand the role your disordered eating habits play in your life, reduce stress around food and eating, and develop new ways to cope with life’s stressors.